• C3 Church Taupo (map)
  • 11 Totara Street
  • Taupo, Waikato, 3330
  • New Zealand

You're invited.. 

The moment the Creators’ breath entered our lungs a reaction of life surged through our being, this was the day marked as our begining. It is in and through His breath that we can trace the origins of our Creativity.

We are conveyors of creativity. Being creative is a distinct part of who we are, it’s what we do. This creativity has been gifted to us so that we can offer it back in worship to our Creator God. Our worship brings a sound, a feeling, a culture and the River to Earth.

This year we will come together from all across Aotearoa, representing the diverse expression of Creativity in Christ’s church. We will be found pursuing His Presence, not a spectacle, not a show. We will explore and commission a new sound which is rising from our churches. We will start to form together a blueprint of powerful worship, worship which impacts towns, cities and nations with the Presence of Heaven. Right now we are the ones called to channel the creativity of a generation into our places of worship.

I invite you to come and gather at our House as family.

Come and discover our sound as a movement, come and translate the voice of our generation, come and unearth the pathways into His presence. Building relationship with one another is what creates a powerful sense of unity, and unity is what this all hangs on.

Looking forward to seeing you,
Pastor Sarah Percy